Ease-E-Club Software Features

CLIENT Information:

  • 1,000 active Clients or Unlimited allowed depending on license purchase.
  • Complete demographic detail retained for each Client.
  • Easy Client lookup by first or last name.
  • On Screen Note History on each client.
  • Complete Audit of all Field changes.
  • Purchase History retained for each Client.
  • Define unlimited Client types.
  • All prior Appointments retained in history for each client.
  • Assign Passwords to sensitive information areas and fields.
  • Send Emails direct from Client file.
  • Enter Walk In Clients for future promotional purposes.

Daily Schedule Display

Weekly Schedule Display

Monthly Schedule Display

  • Select One Day, One Week or One Month Schedule Display.
  • One the One Day Display Staff Members show along the Top Line and scheduled appointments show under each staff name.
  • An appointment block can show either the Client's Name or the Service.
  • Click on any appointment block and details about the appointment are displayed on screen.
  • User Defined colors for AVAILABLE, OFF, CLOSED and HOLIDAY time can be defined.
  • User defined colors for each appointment show SCHEDULED, CONFIRMED, COMPLETED and PAID so the status can be seen at a glance.
  • When a Client has multiple appointments in the same day this is highlighted.
  • Staff can quickly book out to lunch or book off at any time.
  • Appointments may be CUT and PASTED into a different time slot.
  • Any appointment may contain multiple booked clients to accommodate double booking.
  • Recurring appointments can be easily booked for SPECIFIC DAYS, WEEKLY, BI-WEEKLY OR MONTHLY.
  • Appointments are linked to the Point of Sale screen for fast Receipt processing.
  • Each Staff person can set up their Available Time schedule.
  • Unlimited Service Code setup for booking.
  • Staff Workload Analysis shows Utilization Statistics.

Point of Sale

  • Point of Sale entry screen with 420 color coded buttons with Client ID and Product scanning.
  • Define Payment Methods used.
  • Clients NEXT APPOINTMENT date and time can be printed on the receipt.
  • Complete receipt history detail for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annual reporting.
  • Print receipts to regular Ink Jet or Laser printers or to "Point of Sale" printers with cash drawer.
  • Tips may be optionally entered on each line after the client has approved their Credit Card purchase.
  • Integrated Bank Deposit Listing.
  • Apply Discounts as needed


  • Many standard reports are available.
  • All Reports may be Printed, Viewed On-Screen or Exported to Excel, Text, PDF or HTML.
  • An Accounting Export report interfaces with Quick Books or Simply Accounting.
  • A Birthday Alert report shows upcoming Client Birthdays so these clients can be contacted.
  • Client Cards may be printed with user defined information from their profile.
  • A Receipt/Purchase Report may be produced for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annual reporting.
  • A Product Re-Order report can be run on demand to see what products need to be re-ordered.
  • A Communications Manager allows you to send printed or email promotions to existing clients and prospects.
  • A Product Sales History Report shows sales statistics over any time frame for all products and/or Sales Categories.
  • A Staff Workload Analysis Report shows details on Utilization Statistics.
  • Staff Schedules may be printed or emailed as needed.
  • A Staff Appointment No-Show report provides statistics on Appointment No-Shows and Cancellations.

Staff Sign In

  • Allow Staff/Employees to sign in and out using their Staff Code, Telephone Number or Bar Code.
  • Use a Bar Code Scanner and your own Bar Coded Key Tags or print Staff Cards with Bar Codes from the Fitness Software.
  • Optionally assign a PIN # password to each staff member that must be entered when they sign in.
  • All shifts are recorded.
  • Show messages for Global and Private Messages from their supervisor.
  • Staff may also send messages to their supervisor.
  • Complete Payroll Shift History retained for each staff member.
  • A Payroll Time Card maintenance program allows correction and additions to any time card record by an authorized supervisor.
  • A Payroll Report provides detail and/or summary information for posting to an external payroll system.
  • Outstanding Staff lookup shows if any staff have forgotten to Sign In or Out.

NSF Collections

  • Any checks or credit card charges that get returned as NSF or some other reason may be entered into a Collection module for follow up.
  • May also be used to record returned or cancelled merchandise and/or receipts.
  • Proper accounting treatment for NSF charges and client fees are accommodated.
  • Collection notes can be maintained showing a history of collection efforts.
  • NSF letters and emails may be generated when needed.
  • Follow up dates remind staff to act upon each item when it is due.
  • Collection and receipting is provided with proper handling of additional NSF and user fees.

Communications Manager

  • A Communication Manager allows form letters, labels and emails to be produced for selected groups of clients based on user selected criteria such as Special Promotions, New Member Welcome, We Missed You, Birthday Greetings, NSF Letter, etc.
  • Ability to filter by Client Type, Active or In-Active and selected members.
  • Address Labels may be printed for form letters or post cards.
  • Mass email with attachments may be sent.
  • Export selected data to an Excel Spreadsheet for custom reporting and Mail Merge purposes.
  • This is an excellent tool for prospecting previous clients and for retention management.

Products/Service Sales

  • Product table provides an unlimited inventory of products and/or Services.
  • Access all Product codes through the Point of Sale entry screen.
  • Product Inventory controls Stock On Hand, Point of Sale, Pricing, Re-Order levels and Suppliers.
  • A re-order report provides an alert to re order low stock items.
  • A product sales report provides an annual/monthly/quarterly sales analysis by product or by Sales Category.

Accounting Interface

  • All posted or generated receipts (Revenue Transactions) may be updated to an external accounting application as a journal entry thus eliminating the need to manually post entries.
  • Batch file formats for Quick Books, Simply Accounting and Vadim software are supported.
  • The export file for Simply Accounting is a simple TAB delimited text file that may be imported into any external General Ledger.


  • Two System Control files allow the user to customize the look and function of many screens and features.
  • Set Facility details, Logo and Banner display, Tax Rates, Client Defaults, Passwords, Receipt defaults, Shifts, Background screen images.
  • Staff Names, Availability and Skill sets control who appears on the schedule.
  • Unlimited Product and Service Codes provide for custom schedules and Point of Sale Buttons.
  • Staff, Room and Equipment Availability provide for unlimited schedules for Staff and equipment like Tanning Beds.
  • Currency designation for Dollars( $ ), pounds( ), EURO( ? ) sign or any other currency.
  • Password selection for reporting and critical client information.
  • User defined Date format and Location settings accommodate USA and Canadian preferences.

Custom program changes accommodated through a "Fee for Service".

Many suggested enhancements are added to our development list and included free of charge in a later release.

Support is provided immediately during regular business hours. After hours calls are forwarded to Cell Phone support personal or are collected by a message center.

Email support is monitored and responded to after hours and on weekends.