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Purchase Guide and Hardware Requirements



This document contains information on what hardware items to consider when making your Ease-E-Club software purchase.


Co-Ed Club:

Most Co-Ed Fitness facilities want the Sign In monitor to face their staff member. This allows the staff member to visually verify that the person signing in is the actual member by seeing their picture displayed on the sign in screen. They also see any alerts and/or messages that should be brought to the member’s attention. This setup usually requires that a staff member is present at the sign counter when members record their visits.

A single monitor system will work here because the staff member must visually see the monitor at all times in a front desk type setup. Administrative tasks are usually scheduling for off peek hours when members are not recording visits.

A second computer for back office or administrative work can be networked to this sign in computer. (A small ADD-ON license fee is required for each additional user license). This allows access to the system from 2 or more separate work stations.

A dual monitor system will also work here, but is not as popular as in the Ladies Only facilities. In this case, both monitors would face the staff member; 1 being used for sign in and the other being used for administration. A “Serial” scanner would be recommended for this type of setup. No second user license is required for a Dual Monitor setup.




Ladies Only:

Most Ladies Only fitness facilities want one computer monitor to face the member when they sign in and another monitor to do administration. This allows the member to see their Name, visit totals and measurement day when they record their visit. It also display and plays messages and alerts for such things as Payments Due, Measurement Due, Contract Due, Private Messages and Global Messages.

One way to do this is with a “Dual Monitor” computer system (2 monitors linked to 1 computer). If this is your preferred configuration we recommend a “Serial” scanner or “serial” numeric keypad. The reason is because the Serial Scanner will sign members in on the second monitor without interrupting what is happening on the main monitor and you will never need to manually switch focus to the Sign In monitor.

If you already have a USB scanner, this can be converted to a Serial scanner by purchasing a serial cable from the scanner manufacturer. (Usually about $25.00 USD).

Another way to have 2 monitors is to have 2 computers and a 2 user version of the Ease-E-Club software (A small ADD-ON license fee is required for each additional user license). The computers are networked together and configured according to our “Network” help document. Some people prefer this option if the 2 monitors are to be separated by more than 10 feet. Network cable can run hundreds of feet between computers.




Numeric Keypad:

NOTE: You should never use a  USB “Numeric Keypad” with a Dual Monitor system. For Dual Monitors use a Serial Numeric Keypad only.

We recommend either a Qtronics-Scorpius or a Genovation Micropad 62321 or a Genovation 905-RJ-S. These have been tested with the system.

Serial Keypads may be purchased from www.ergogeek.com  and look for “Qtronix Scorpius 22 RB serial DB9 mechanical numeric keypad black (SKU #: SC22RB) OR from www.jameco.com ; Look for KEYPAD, SCORPIUS 22, 22-KEY RS232, BLACK. (Part#: Part no. 265375)  


If a numeric keypad is used, the membership number can be set up as the members seven digit phone number. The member enters their number on the keypad to record their visit.

If you will be using a USB numeric keypad and want a monitor facing the member when they sign in, you MUST have 2 computers networked together and a 2 user Ease-E-Club software license (A small ADD-ON license fee is required for each additional user license).



Finger Print Reader:

The Finger Print module is an add on application that provides the interface with a Fingerprint Reader and allows the Sign In screen to accept finger print scans. You will need the Computerease Software module and the finger print hardware. Not all Finger Print scanning devices have been tested or are compatible with our system.

Many finger print scanners may work, but we cannot guarantee their operation or results and therefore cannot provide technical assistance.

We recommend the Secugen Hamster Plus (about $89.00 USD). The Secugen Hamster Plus Reader can be purchased on line at www.secugen.com or Contact Stanley Fincher (sfincher@secugen.com ) at 1-408-727-7717 to order by phone.)

All warrantees and exchanges on finger print hardware rest with the manufacturer.

Not all members will be able to register thier finger prints. Please see our Finger Print help file for details.



In general, if you have a used computer manufactured within the last 5 years with a Windows XP operating System or newer, it will run the Ease-E-Club software.

Computerease does not sell computers, but we do have Bar Code Scanners, Bar Code Slot Readers, Keytags, Numeric Keypads, Webcam Cameras, USB Memory Sticks and USB extension cables you can order from us.


Minimum Computer Hardware Requirements:

1 GB RAM; 200 MB available disc space; 17” or greater Monitor, Network ready; audio speakers and a Laser or Inkjet Printer.

A Network Card will be required if you want to connect another computer in a network setup.

A Serial Port will be needed if you want a Serial Scanner or Serial numeric keypad (required with Dual Monitors).

Many new computers do not have a Serial Port; in this case you need a "USB to SERIAL" adaptor; which will plug into a USB port and allow a Serial Keypad to plug into this.

If you want “Dual Monitors”, a Dual Monitor video card is required.

A USB Memory stick with 128 MB or better is a recommended solution for backup.

A CD Burner can also be used for backup (External), but is not supported by our backup utility.


If you want a TWO USER networked computer system, the computer used for Sign-In can be a used “bare-bones” system with very little, if any disk space requirements. Minimum requirements are 64 MB RAM, Windows XP, 2000, Vista or better, with a Gigabyte Network Card.

If networking 2 or more computers a “Cross-Over” cable is required for direct PEER-TO-PEER connection.

If connection is through a “Router”, a “PATCH” network cable is required.


Operating System:

The Ease-E-Club software will operate on Windows 7, Windows Vista Business, XP Home, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 or NT operating system.

We recommend Windows XP professional or Windows 7. These versions of windows are very stable and provide the best in network and support capabilities.

Although the Ease-E-Club application works with Vista our clients have experienced problems related to how Vista handles security, network and hardware devices. These problems are unrelated to the application but result in additional expense if a technician needs to be hired to resolve a security issue. We can provide only limited support regarding any Windows Operating System problems.



An inkjet or a Laser windows printer may be used.

If printing membership cards, a Laser Printer should be considered.



A Point of Sale printer that uses a paper ribbon with either 24 column character or 35 column character printing can be used with the POS entry screen. Many clients use the standard Epson POS printers. The POS printer MUST be installed as a windows recognized printer in order for the Fitness Application to use it.


Cash Drawer(OPTIONAL):

A cash drawer may be attached to the POS Printer or directly to the computer using the Serial Com Port. The settings for this are contained in the System Control; Receipt Tab. Please refer to the Receipt help file for more information on commands that open the cash drawer.


Key Pad / Scanner:

If clients are going to sign in by typing in their member number (eg. telephone number) then a USB or Serial numeric key pad should be used. Do not use a USB keypad with a dual monitor system. You should use a Serial keypad with a Dual Monitor system.

We recommend either a Qtronics-Scorpius or a Genovation Micropad 62321 or a Genovation 905-RJ-S. These have been tested with the system.

If clients are going to sign in using bar coded key tags or membership cards, on a single computer system with one or two monitors, then a serial port scanner is required. We recommend the Honeywell Voyager 1200 or 9540 (This plugs into a USB port but can be configured to scan through a virtual Serial Port)

If clients are going to sign in using bar coded key tags or membership cards, on a two user computer (networked) system then a USB scanner is required.



While standard monitors will be more than adequate, consideration should be given to having a flat screen for the sign-in screen.  This will save space at the sign-in point and present an up to date image. Monitors that are 17” or greater are recommended.


NOTE:  It is strongly recommended that you have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) attached to the main computer. This will keep the computer going for 5-15 minutes in case of a power outage and allow you to properly shutdown the computer. Power interruptions and improper shutdown can cause corrupt files and loss of data.




The Ease-E-Club program will NOT be supported on Apple/ Mac computers. We also DO NOT support our application running in any PC emulation mode on a MAC.

An Internal Wireless LAN is not recommended. A Wireless LAN is OK for internet access, but not suitable for a business application on an internal LAN environment.

Windows 95 or 98 or Millennium … No longer supported by Microsoft.


Pricing Policy


Why do all prices appear in US Dollars?


Computerease is a Federally Incorporated Canadian company that conducts International business in over 30 different countries. Because of this we found it necessary to base all pricing on a common monetary standard.


Most of our clients are in the United States or deal with US Dollars so it makes sense to publish our prices in US Dollars.


With a floating exchange rate the actual conversion to Canadian Dollars can vary from day to day and publishing Canadian prices would never be accurate or fair to Canadian customers.


To create a level playing field for all clients we publish all prices in US Dollars and convert this to Canadian at the time of purchase. This makes it fair and consistent for all clients.


Our Annual Subscription fee of $150.00 is also in US Dollars. This is converted to Canadian on the day of purchase or renewal. This applies even for Canadian customers, making it the same rate for all clients.


We make every effort to communicate our pricing policies at all stages of the purchase process and trust that these polices are understood by all our loyal customers.